Time and Photography: Realism

The Sun Draws on Water, 2016
In the previous post in this series the question of realism in photographing moving objects has been lightly touched upon. I think the question is worth a second thought. Immediately, when we use a word like “realism” a question pops up. Do we mean “real” as we see it, or real as in objective reality. Is there a difference? Well, yes there might be.


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Time and Photography -Foundations



Time is an essential parameter in photography. It can be looked at from a technical or physical, an aesthetic or even a philosophical point of view. Photography (and painting) is also different from other  arts in that once it is produced, it doesn’t have an intrinsic duration. In contrast, a movie, a piece of music, a ballet or a play all unfold in time and do have a duration. But in the process of making a photograph, the photographer has to make decisions regarding time and these decisions reflect upon his or her intentions. This series of posts will first look at these different aspects of time in photography. In addition it will visit the topic of time as a subject of photography, which means: “Can we photograph time?”.

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