“Spring has returned. The earth is like a child that knows poems.”

Rainer Maria Rilke, Sonetts to Orpheus, 1923

This year, winter liked us so much it didn’t want to leave. During Easter break all the lakes were still covered by ice, but to keep the mood up winter had thrown in some sunshine and blue skies.

Now, however, it is happening. Spring has finally arrived and with it this giddy feeling that all might, in the end, go well. Why is it that we so strongly associate spring with hope?

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Weather and Light


Every time there is sunny weather and blue skies someone suggests to me that I should go out and take some photographs. And I look out of the window with weary eyes and seek for a polite answer…

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Finnish Autumn


Finns are rarely caught praising the Finnish weather. Still, once they have lived for a while in warmer climates, they often admit to missing the sharply marked seasons of the North. I very much can relate to that and I think every season in Finland has its own bag of wonders. Still, the season to which I feel most attached is autumn. And here is why.

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Seasons: Finnish Summer

The summer is short and most of it is washed away by rain anyway.

Song by Tomas Ledin

dtpHelsinki-0009 1.jpgHeadlines in Finnish news outlets during June were about as cheerful as the lines from Tomas Ledin’s song: “Harvest catastrophe caused by rains”, “More mosquitos than usual”, “July will start wet”. But even when the rain stops, the headlines don’t lighten up. Instead, they turn towards issues of spreading ticks and how to detect skin cancer. Unless there has been a recent epidemic outbreak of clinical depression among Finnish journalists, one has to ask: “What is wrong with the Finnish summer?”.

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