Path to the Far North

PttFN-Titel-JPEG Large.jpg

Yes I know, it starts to sound like the beginning of a bad habit. Still, I am happy to announce availability of my third book. The book has the title “Path to the Far North” and is sub-titled  “A photographic conversation with Bashō”. This needs explaining…

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Reflection, Komio, 2015

Over the weekend I found out that my photograph “Reflection” from 2015 has been among the nominees in the category Professionals/Nature for the Black and White Spider Awards . Now, of course, being nominated isn’t winning (and it didn’t win) – but the award is one of the largest and most prestigious competitions for black and white photography, so by being selected among the nominees I do feel very honored. As they say, it might be a small step for mankind, but it’s a big step for me and my work.

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