Things – A Discourse in 3 Cups of Coffee

But in physics, it’s dangerous to assume that things ‘exist’ in any conventional sense. Instead, the deeper question is: what sorts of processes give rise to the notion (or illusion) that something exists?

Karl Friston


2017-05-Timelapse-Merged 1.jpg
Timelapse of a budding plant merged into one photo. (c) 2017 Dietmar Tallroth

A Western school of thinking from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus to the English mathematician and philosopher Alfred N. Whitehead (1861-1947) has maintained the idea that reality is better viewed and understood in terms of processes than in terms of substance, objects and things. This school, loosely termed “process philosophy” has implications on visual art, so let’s have a look.


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Documentary: Being Hear


Being hear  – I love that, except for that it’s not my invention. It’s the title of a documentary by Matthew Mikkelsen and Palmer Morse about sound ecologist Gordon Hempton. Wait, sound ecologist? Yes, that’s right Hempton explores and records the ambient sounds – and the silence of – nature.

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So Long, Frank

2017-06-08-Viiala-0082.jpgCurrently two of the most prominent modern architects have large exhibitions. MoMA has a show on occasion of Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th birthday. At the same time, the National Gallery of Finland, Atheneum is showing Alvar Aalto – Art and the Modern Form.

Although there are 30 years age difference between these two architects, they have much in common.

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One Year of Light Writing


Yesterday this blog had its first anniversary. In the past year I posted 41 posts on quite a variety of topics around photography and art – sometimes quite stretching the sujet. Still, I didn’t reach the one post per week I was aiming at and I still have to shape up… Among the many things I learned in writing the blog was the importance of discipline.

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Creative Life


What does it mean to live a creative life? Is it vocational bliss or just endless suffering? Is already the term “creative life” just one of these horrible catch-phrases like “living your dream” (meaning you turn them into nightmares) or does it denote something real? The writer Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat, Pray, Love”) has talked and written extensively on the topic and has many interesting things to say about it, like “Frustration is not an interruption of the process, it is the process”. It is, however, a different statement of hers that caught my ear. In a TED-talk from 2014 she describes her creative work as her “home”, as “the place where I live”. I think this description hits home (punch intended). Let me explain.

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