A Young Master

In 2015 the small and courageous Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki held an exhibition about China’s Changing Landscape – Contemporary Ink. It showed how modern Chinese artists (yes, there is more to China than Ai Weiwei) reinterpret classical Chinese working methods and motifs. While the whole exhibition had a freshness and energy that made some Western artists look tired and repetitive, it was one single work there that took me by storm.

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The 5:4 Format – Late Autumn Coast, Berggrund, 2016


As soon as a photographer enters the weird and wonderful world of printing, he/she is in for a number of head-scratching experiences. Suddenly confronted with a plethora of paper sizes, frame sizes, mat (passepartout) opening sizes and aspect ratios one can get overwhelmed by these seemingly technical choices. It gets worse once he or she realizes that these are artistic choices as well. Let’s have a look.

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Mourning Leonard Cohen


This might be somewhat off-topic, but then maybe not. The news about Leonard Cohen’s death this morning have left me a bit shaken. When Dylan was announced winner of the Nobel Prize I thought that was well deserved; still I had to think that Cohen would have been an at least as worthy recipient of that prize as he has made poetry again tangible for a whole generation.

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Reflection, Komio, 2015

Over the weekend I found out that my photograph “Reflection” from 2015 has been among the nominees in the category Professionals/Nature for the Black and White Spider Awards . Now, of course, being nominated isn’t winning (and it didn’t win) – but the award is one of the largest and most prestigious competitions for black and white photography, so by being selected among the nominees I do feel very honored. As they say, it might be a small step for mankind, but it’s a big step for me and my work.

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