On Location: Kiutaköngäs

Kiutaköngäs is the name (and isn’t that a beautiful name) for the main rapids of the river Oulanka in the Oulanka National Park in Finland. The rapids, easily accessible even for the not-so-hiking-inclined, are one of the major natural attractions in Finland: 135m (443 feet) of pure rock and fury. In the whole rapid area the water drops 14m over a stretch of 325m. It is quite a spectacle. But still, somehow such famous sights make me hesitant. Why add another photograph of something that has already been photographed a million times? But I also challenged myself on whether I was seeing Kiutaköngäs the right way.

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Time and Photography – Water

In the previous post in this series I explained some of the foundations related to the role of exposure time in photography. This time I’ll share some thoughts on uses of long exposure times as an artistic tool, especially in scenes with moving water.

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Lucky Accidents

Golgatha, Virkkula, 2016

Sometimes I am being asked, whether I plan my shots or whether I just find my pictures while roaming the outdoors. The truth is: both. Most of my photography is indeed a result of careful planning and sometimes involves returning to places often. Some pictures therefore took months to make. But there is no denying that lucky accidents happen. As it was with the picture above.

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On Location: Riisitunturi

Coming back from a recent trip to Kuusamo in northern Finland I am going to post here some behind-the-scenes videos. Each video will be very short and focus on a single photography location. I’ll start with Riisitunturi National Park, which lies west of Kuusamo in Posio, Lapland. The weather was very sunny, which is in my view better for hiking than for photographing. Still, I hope some of the vastness of the landscape made it into the photos.