Selective Seeing

2018-11-05-Myllykoski-0011.jpgPhotography, at its core, is the art of selective seeing. Everything else is just technique.

The budding landscape photographer often starts with a frustrating experience: one enters a captive natural scene, raises the camera to the eye and presses the shutter. The results will hardly ever be satisfactory. Why is that so?

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Farewell Marjatta

Since introduction of the Kodak Brownie camera in 1900, people have used photography to document their lives, to create memories. I never quite embraced that. I don’t enjoy seeing myself in photographs but also on many occasions I preferred being in the moment rather than documenting it through a lens.

Recently, however, I attended an event that made me think.

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2018-02-03-Mäntysuo-0012 1.jpg
Four Gentlemen

This is a kind of P.S. to the last post. I am quite aware of a glaring omission: I never so far have mentioned the arguably most influential school of Chinese painting, the Literati painters. There is a reason for this, of course.

Until the late Song, painting was mainly a sport exercised at the court (and this certainly qualifies as an ouch-pun). When the Mongols took over and called their government the Yuan dynasty, Chinese officials could either become collaborators or go painting on their rural estates. Many of them, unfortunately, chose the latter.

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The Emotional Journey

2018-09-05-Tahko-0075 1.jpg

Is it the painter or the picture
Hanging in the gallery?
Admired by countless thousands
Who attempt to read the secrets
Of his vision of his very soul
Is it the painter or the picture
Hanging in the gallery?

Dave Cousins/The Strawbs “Hanging in the gallery”

Do you know a song or a performance that makes you cry? Among the briq-a-braq of my eclectic musical tastes there are quite some pieces that do that for me. (And don’t trust any man who can’t find his tears.) As an artist, I’d like to understand what’s going on there. Especially now that I mentally prepare for the opening of my exhibition when visitors will want to know about my thoughts on my pictures and their selection. But, hey, I am running ahead now. Let’s start with some context.

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New Exhibition 31.10.-17.11.2018

2018-06-19-Kopparnäs-0016 1.jpg

This is just a short note to inform you that my next solo show will be from 31.10.-17.11.2018 at Laterna Magica in Helsinki (Rauhankatu 7). The title of the exhibition is “I am a rock, I am an island” and the opening will be on the 30th at 5 p.m.

The venue is in a vaulted cellar with brick walls and has a quite unique atmosphere. Would be great if you could you make it there! Hopefully see you then.


Are You an Echo ?

2018-07-27-Evo-0013.jpgRecently, I read a quite remarkable book, Pankaj Mishra’s “The Age of Anger”. In it Mishra traces the many forms of anger we see erupt in today’s societies back to the fight between enlightenment and romanticism. The book has many interesting aspects and Mishra is an extremely well-informed writer so I can recommend the book.

What’s however missing there is somehow an explanation of what anger actually is.

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